BusTalk Audio Message System

pdf‘Safe Exit’ Audio Advertising & Message System for Transport

BusTalk is an interactive audio system designed primarily for use on School Buses, as well as other Public Transport vehicles such as Trams.

bus2Unique Features include

  • ‘Safe Exit’ Messages
  • Road Safety / Community Announcements
  • Product Advertising / Company Branding
  • Day & Time of Day, Message Scheduling

How BusTalk works

Activated by the doors opening, the system broadcasts ‘safe exit’ warnings or promotional messages to passengers exiting the vehicle via a loudspeaker(s), installed under the vehicle and adjacent to the door(s). As the system is integral to the PT vehicle, it operates at designated stops and wherever else the vehicle might stop and alight passengers.

16Interactive-TramSmart Technology

SoundSmart remotely maintains and updates BusTalk systems using ‘wireless’ GPRS technology, which means we can update the recordings ‘wirelessly’ and ‘hands free’, no matter where the vehicle is located, with the opportunity to change or update recordings as often as daily, and as either individual units, as a group, or globally.

System Features

  • High quality mp3 sound output
  • No moving parts which require maintenance

SoundSmart Interactives provides an audio production service to create promotional soundtracks using professional voices and Royalty Free Music. We can also use client supplied soundtracks.

Partner with SoundSmart, and implement the safety and promotional opportunities of using BusTalk.

Best of all, the vehicle does all the talking, automatically!