Chatterbox Point-Of-Sale Displays

Interactive Sound for Point-Of-Sale Displays & Packaging

pdfUnique Point-Of-Sale Display settings include:

  • up to 85 seconds of multiple audio sound bites
  • high quality ‘cd like’ sound reproduction
  • powerful 3 watt output
  • activated by Light Sensor or Push Buttons
  • lightweight packaging transformed into flat panel loudspeakers
  • simple to attach
  • uses pre-programmed OTC
  • perfect for one month (app) in-store promotional campaigns
  • re-programmable

Audio matched to your graphics provides a powerful Point-of-Sale display tool.

“Just simply switch ‘ON’ and let your product do the talking!”

Chatterbox” – Setting New Standards for Localised POS Audio Marketing

Specifically designed for Corrugated 200 GSM Liners, Lightweight Foam point of sale displays Boards and Corrugated Fluted Plastic


  • Pre-programmed OTC stores up to 85 seconds of multiple audio sound bites, activated by movement sensor or push button
  • Plays back at near CD sound quality
  • Up to 3,000 plays from 3 x AA battery pack (included),based on 12 second sound files
  • Incorporates licensed patented speaker technology, which enables the conversion of your display graphic into a flat panel loud speaker, with excellent sound reproduction
  • Systems locally programmed to ensure your promotion hits the store on time
  • Creative professional studio services are available to produce your audio sound files

Maximise the IMPACT of your POP campaigns with Low Cost, High Quality, Sensor Activated Sound!

SoundSmart Interactives – Specialist Suppliers of ‘Interactive’ Digital Audio Solutions for Repetitive “Voice Messaging” Business Applications

Fully Supported System

  • Professional Studio Production
  • Professional ‘Voice’ Talent
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Telephone On-Hold Systems*
  • In-Store Music & Message Systems*
  • Interactive Audio Signage*
  • Low Cost Audio for POP Displays
  • Vehicular Public Safety Systems*
  • • “PumpTalk” Interactive Petrol Pumps*
  • WindowTalk” Talking Shop Windows*
  • Short Range FM Transmission Options
  • Solar Power Options
  • ‘Wireless’ GPRS Updates Australia Wide