Custom Made Interactive Audio Systems

pdfBespoke, Low Cost, Interactive Audio Systems & Modules

Maximise the IMPACT of your Exhibit or Display with Low Cost, High Quality, Sensor Activated Sound!


  • Systems are Custom Assembled to suit client requirements
  • interactice-audio-deviceup to 85 seconds of multiple audio sound bites
  • activated by Sensor or 1 to 4 Push Buttons
  • high quality ‘cd- like’ sound reproduction
  • powerful 3 watt output
  • use with any 4/8ohm Loudspeaker
  • uses pre-programmed One Time Chip
  • simple to install
  • reprogrammable
  • available with Battery or AC PowerBespoke-Micro-Interactive
  • Systems are locally programmed
  • Studio Services available to produce your sound files and audio narratives

Also available with new ‘Exciter’ technology

This turns your lightweight Display Graphic, Cardboard Poster, or Fluted Plastic Signage material into ‘invisible’ Flat Panel Loudspeakers, with High Quality Sound Reproduction.