Digital Messages on Hold Player

‘Messages On Hold’ Solutions for Multi-Line (PABX) Phone Systems

Since 1990, SoundSmart Interactives have been leading suppliers of digital ‘Messages On Hold solutions for business, providing both the latest digital hardware, as well as a comprehensive range of professional studio music on hold recording and production services.

prodmcFor our messages on hold applications, we use and recommend our Australian Made Pro-DMC Digital Messages On Hold System, which has been Australia’s best selling music on hold Player since 1999.

The Pro-DMC System is a completely solid state (no moving parts), MP3 based, Digital Message player, designed for ‘music on hold’ and other continuous cycle applications, which require high quality output and high reliability.

Pro-DMC uses commonly available Multi-Media (MMC) Flash Cards to store its MP3 based message(s), which are completely non volatile, meaning that messages cannot be erased during transport or when power is lost. The MMC Flash Card can be overwritten indefinitely, without any deterioration in output sound quality. The unique loading design allows MMC cards to be changed in seconds if and when required, and with the “hot swappable” design, you don’t even need to turn the device OFF before doing so.

Pro-DMC provides up to 2 hours capacity for music on hold recordings. Up to 999 recordings can be stored on the Multi-Media (MMC) Flash Card, and higher capacity MMCs are available if required.

Free 3 Year RTS Warranty provided with each system

Messages On Hold Recordings

Messages on hold recordings typically consist of up to 500 words of script, supplied by the customer. Professional script writers are available (a fee applies) should you need assistance.

All recordings are made using professional male or female voice artists in our studio. On-Site recording of YOUR voice for inclusion in the recording is available (Melbourne Metro only), a fee applies.

All our music on hold recordings are produced using Royalty Free Music, so NO On-Hold Music Fees are payable.

There is NO EXPIRY DATE on your recordings.

Fully Serviced, Low Cost, Rental Option

  • New messages provided twice a year for a low weekly fee of $15 plus GST**.

(Minimum 24 month period, paid quarterly in advance)

Or Purchase Outright

  • Includes initial messages and a 3 year warranty.
  • Total cost is $895 plus GST**.

**Prices indicated subject to change.