pdfDigital Message On Hold Player – Internet Update Facility

Our new DME Digital Message on Hold player, is designed to connect to a customers Network, so that Message Updates can be received by the DME units in the field, using the Internet.

Once connected, DME will connect to an external FTP server, at programmed intervals, to check for Message updates and download them when they are available.

dmeDME is ideal for use at sites that require regular Message Updates, where delivery is completely Automatic and no user intervention is required. DME connects to the Internet via the customers Network. Where this is not possible, DME can connect direct to a dedicated broadband modem (ADSL or CABLE) installed separately at a site.

screen-shot-2015-03-09-at-4-21-02-pmAlternatively, we recommend use of our alternative DMG device, where the same capability is provided using ‘wireless’ GPRS technology.

  • Completely Automatic Message updates via the Internet
  • Connects to a Customer Network or to a separate Broadband Modem
  • Uses an FTP ‘Dial Out’ principle to reduce Firewall issues
  • Uses DHCP technology to simplify Installation
  • Alternative ‘wireless’ GPRS updates also available

The Internet connection allows Messages and other Instructions (such as message timetables) stored on an SD Card, to be updated automatically at pre-programmed intervals.

DME uses a ‘Dial Out’ principle, where it connects to an external FTP server at a specified time each day. Once connected, it will compare all Message files and settings present on it’s SD card with those saved at the remote server. All new files and settings will be downloaded and old files and settings will be deleted.

DME units are fitted (as standard) with our Intelligent Time Programming facility, which allows for up to 100 Messages to be loaded onto an SD card and each Message can be programmed to play during specific times, days, or play periods. This facility is ideal for starting and stopping Christmas or other seasonal Messages on specific days.


DME is designed for User Installation, where DHCP is supported on the Network that it is connected to. Where DHCP is not available or where unusual Firewall settings are used, DME may require installation by experienced personnel.

  1. Connect the existing LIU of the Phone System to the AUDIO OUT (LIU) port of DME. (DME uses a standard 3.5mm Audio Output socket)
  2. Insert the SD Card with the On Hold Message into the slot labelled MESSAGE. (DME uses a spring loaded SD Card socket, requiring only a gentle push of the card to load and unload)
  3. Connect the Network port of DME to the Customers Network using the supplied Cat5 Network cable. DME can be connected direct to the Network Switch/Router or any remotely wired Network point.
  4. Connect the supplied 12V Power Adaptor to the 12V PWR port of DME.
  5. On initial Power Up, DME will connect to your FTP Server to check for Message changes. (Messages and Time Programming settings will be added or deleted to mirror your FTP server)
  6. Adjust message volume when DME has completed it’s remote check.