GPRS ‘Wireless’ Advertising Services
  • WindowTalk Audio Display Technology

    Let your display windows do the talking with “WindowTalk” SoundSmart Interactives presents “WindowTalk”, a unique service whereby we transform your shop windows into high quality flat panel loudspeakers and use them to broadcast audio advertising and promotional messages to passing pedestrian traffic. Activated by sensor, or internal timer, your windows will deliver excellent sound quality. […]

  • BusTalk Audio Message System

    ‘Safe Exit’ Audio Advertising & Message System for Transport BusTalk is an interactive audio system designed primarily for use on School Buses, as well as other Public Transport vehicles such as Trams. Unique Features include ‘Safe Exit’ Messages Road Safety / Community Announcements Product Advertising / Company Branding Day & Time of Day, Message Scheduling […]

  • PumpTalk Audio Advertising

    Benefit from effective ‘point of sale’ marketing with PumpTalk PumpTalk broadcasts high quality audio announcements to a “captive” audience, whilst they are filling their vehicles. How PumpTalk works PumpTalk is activated automatically by the petrol pump whilst it’s in use. Designed and built with the latest digital technology, PumpTalk is approved for installation on petrol […]