In-store Music Advertising Services

instore2Improve your In-store Music Image with your own Radio Station

We provide your choice of In-Store Music interspersed with your own custom produced Advertising Messages.

instoreUnique services

  • pdfEntertain your Customers with Music
  • Advertise Effectively at the Point of Purchase
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Opportunity to Up Sell Products

Our intelligent digital hardware is easily installed, comes packed with 100’s of popular music tracks of your selected genre (which we refresh regularly), and has capacity for a virtually unlimited number of consumer oriented promotional soundtracks. At pre-determined song or time intervals, the system will interrupt the music program and broadcast the next promotional soundtrack.

The systems’ internal Real Time Clock allows for the selective playback of specific promotional soundtracks based on the Day of the Week and/or the Time of Day. System Start/Stop times can also be programmed. The system is easily integrated with existing PA or music systems, or it can drive up to 10 loudspeakers (100v) directly.

Choose from these systems to enhance your store’s interaction

  • BMP System – Ideal for sites that want to play Music without Timed Message Announcements
  • BMS/N – Specifically designed to provide high quality background audio in a compact and cost effective package with an integrated IP Network facility
  • BMS/G – Fitted with our unique Cellular Update Accessory to provide automatic message changes via the Cellular Network

Key Benefits of In-store MusicInStore3

  • Enhance in-store ambience with Music
  • Introduce New Products & Services
  • Promote Daily and Weekly Specials
  • Boost Your Sales, and
  • Inform Your Customers

Professional Recordings

Your in-store advertising and promotional recordings are professionally recorded in our studio, using a variety of professional male and female voices. Our creative staff can assist with any script writing requirements. You’re also welcome to supply and/or record your own promotional or in-store advertising soundtracks.

Promotional recordings can be changed regularly on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency to suit your requirements.

Select from a wide variety of music styles, including:

  • Rock
  • Contemporary
  • Dance
  • Easy Listening
  • Top 40
  • Classic Hits
  • Jazz
  • R & B
  • Chart Hits
  • Classical
  • Cocktail Lounge
  • Latin
  • plus many more