Interactive Digital Audio Products
  • Talking Displays

    The Pro-TDU talking displays unit is a completely solid state (no moving parts), Digital Message player, designed for repetitive audio messaging applications which require High Sound Quality, Powerful Audio Output and Operational Reliability. It uses MP3 technology to provide High Audio Quality. It has no moving parts to wear out or which require maintenance. It […]

  • Custom Made Interactive Audio Systems

    Bespoke, Low Cost, Interactive Audio Systems & Modules Maximise the IMPACT of your Exhibit or Display with Low Cost, High Quality, Sensor Activated Sound! Features Systems are Custom Assembled to suit client requirements up to 85 seconds of multiple audio sound bites activated by Sensor or 1 to 4 Push Buttons high quality ‘cd- like’ […]

  • Voice Promoter Announcement System

    Enhance your signs and promotional displays with this interactive solution Systems can be triggered automatically, by way of movement detecting sensors, or manually, by pressing push buttons or lifting handsets The Voice Promoter range The Voice Promoter range of economical interactive audio announcement systems are designed to broadcast high-quality, professionally produced audio recordings. The systems […]

  • GPRS Wireless Audio System

    Change your audio tracks wirelessly with this GPRS System Our latest development of integration with the GPRS Mobile Phone Network, allows Pro-TDU systems to have audio tracks changed wirelessly, irrespective of location, anywhere within the Australian National GPRS Mobile Network coverage area. Systems are supplied with suitable GPRS Data Plans, depending upon your application. Please […]