On Hold Player with After Hours Announcement

dms1A combined After Hours Announcement and Message On Hold solution.

Traditional Answering Machines only allow for short after hours announcements and their audio quality is very ordinary. Some Phone Systems allow for after hours announcements, but they cannot match the high quality provided by an On Hold player and they can be complex to set up and change.

DMS allows you to provide this additional value added service for your customers. With DMS you can prepare your customers After Hours Announcement as well as their On Hold production and load both messages onto the same SD Card.

DMS incorporates our popular DMC Digital Message Centre facility, which provides the high quality Audio Output to which an LIU is connected.

DMS uses an SD Card to store its message, so messages can also be changed by simple SD Card replacement.

DMS can be optionally ordered for operation with a USB stick, instead of a SD Card.

DMS also has a telephone line answering facility which when activated will answer all After Hours calls and then play the Announcement Message direct into the telephone line. At the end of the Message, DMS can either Hang

Up or ring an attached Answering Machine if your customers want to recieve messages from their callers.


If an Answering Machine is already in use and it is close to the LIU (which is connected to the Phone System controller), then it is just a matter of moving the telephone ‘Line In’ connection from the Answering Machine to
the ‘Line In’ port of DMS. If there is no Answering Machine in place or it is remote from the LIU, then a technician can quickly and inexpensively set up an ‘answering machine’ connection next to it.

DMS has a ‘Touch Switch’ ON/OFF facility. To enable/disable After Hours Announcements, the user just touches the ‘touch switch’, the LED will turn ON and DMS will begin answering calls.

To disable After Hours Announcements, the user just touches the ‘touch switch’, the LED will turn OFF and DMS will stop answering calls.

Alternatively DMS can be connected to an existing night switch facility and in this situation the ‘Touch Switch’ can be left on at all times.