PumpTalk Audio Advertising

pdfBenefit from effective ‘point of sale’ marketing with PumpTalk

PumpTalk broadcasts high quality audio announcements to a “captive” audience, whilst they are filling their vehicles.

pumptalk5How PumpTalk works

PumpTalk is activated automatically by the petrol pump whilst it’s in use. Designed and built with the latest digital technology, PumpTalk is approved for installation on petrol pumps outside the Zone 1 and Zone 2 Hazard Classification Areas, at a height above 1.2 meters, and only 240vac connection is required.

pumptalk-1Interactive Driveway Radio

  • Driveway Security Announcements
  • In-Store Product Promotions / Company Branding
  • Road Safety / Community Messages
  • Effective POP Advertising
  • Encourages Impulse Purchases
  • Day & Time of Day Message Scheduling


  • Virtually unlimited number of stored promotions, broadcast in sequence
  • is automatically triggered by the petrol pump, ONLY when in use, then goes to ‘sleep’
  • compatible with 1-2-3 brand pumps
  • high quality mp3 sound output
  • totally ‘hands free’, No operator involvement required.
  • automatic Day/Night volume control
  • preset operating hours

pumptalk4SoundSmart remotely maintains and updates PumpTalk systems using ‘wireless’ GPRS technology, which means we can update the recordings ‘wirelessly’ and ‘hands free’, no matter where the systems are located in Australia (within GPRS coverage area), with the opportunity to change or update recordings as often as daily, and selectively, either as individual units, as a group, or globally.

SoundSmart Interactives provides an audio production service to create any promotional soundtracks using professional voices and Royalty Free Music. We can also use client supplied soundtracks.

Partner with SoundSmart, and enjoy the benefits of using PumpTalk, for increased security, advertising, and branding opportunities. Best of all, the pump does all the talking, automatically.