Single Line Solutions

pdfClever Message on Hold Single Line System

  • Will automatically answer the phone when you can’t get to it.
  • Will play a short ‘Greeting’ message.
  • Will place the caller ‘On-Hold’, and entertain/inform them with your Promotional ‘On-Hold’ soundtrack.
  • slsRing Back Reminder – your phone handset will ring once every 15 seconds to remind you that someone is waiting.
  • You can place callers ‘On-Hold’ at any time.
  • Night Switch Function – After hours, the system will answer incoming calls and play an ‘After Hours’ announcement, and then hang up.
  • Plug in an Answering Machine if you prefer to record customer messages ‘after hours’.
  • System can be used by ALL extension handsets on the same telephone line.

New Features

  • Stores multiple ‘on-hold’ soundtracks.
  • A new ‘on-hold’ promotion plays each time a call is answered.

Model SLS2 On Hold with Automatic Call Attendant

Our Model SLS2 device provides all of the features of the SLS1 and in addition incorporates an AUTOMATIC CALL ATTENDANT facility. This means that SLS2 can answer calls while you are busy, play a specific Greeting Message to your callers and then place them On Hold until you are ready to take the call. When more than 1 On Hold Message is loaded onto the SD Card, SLS2 will play the greeting followed by a different On Hold Message to callers whenever it Auto Answers and they are placed On Hold. This ensures that frequent callers always hear different messages whenever they call in.

Model SLS3 On Hold with Automatic Call Attendant and After Hours Announcement
Our Model SLS3 device provides all of the features of Model SLS2 and in addition incorporates an AFTER HOURS MESSAGE facility, which means that a High Quality Announcement can be played to After Hours callers. Traditional Answering Machines provide very limited message Quality and Duration. SLS3 provides an extremely high quality announcement of any duration. Many businesses prefer to provide an ANNOUNCE ONLY message with comprehensive information to their after hours callers. SLS3 provides an ideal solution for this requirement. An Answering Machine can also be connected to SLS3 so that callers can leave a message if this is required.

Our Comprehensive ‘On-Hold’ Package includes:

Professional Studio Production of …

  • 1 x Greeting Message
  • 3 x Two Minute (approx) Promotional ‘On-Hold’ Messages
  • 1 x ‘After Hours’ Message
  • Royalty Free Music used – NO ‘On-Hold’ Music Fees Payable
  • NO EXPIRY DATE on your recordings

All recordings are made using professional male or female voice artists in our studio. On-Site recording of YOUR voice for inclusion in the recording is available (Melbourne Metro only), a fee applies.

Fully Serviced, Low Cost, Rental Option

New messages provided twice a year for a low weekly fee of $18 plus GST**.
(Minimum 24 month period, paid quarterly in advance)

Or Purchase Outright

Includes initial messages and a 3 year warranty. Total cost is $1,175 plus GST**.

**Prices indicated subject to change.