Talking Displays

The Pro-TDU talking displays unit is a completely solid state (no moving parts), Digital Message player, designed for repetitive audio messaging applications which require High Sound Quality, Powerful Audio Output and Operational Reliability.

  • It uses MP3 technology to provide High Audio Quality.
  • It has no moving parts to wear out or which require maintenance.
  • It is designed to automatically restart after any power interruption.
  • It has a powerful 8 Watt output.

pro-tduMessage Applications include, but are not limited to in-door/outdoor sound effects, In-store Product Promotion and Information, Public Announcements and Warning Messages, Museum Displays, Interactive ‘talking displays’ Signage, and other messaging applications of up too many hours in duration. Systems can be installed in most environments, including public transport vehicles, i.e. buses and trams.

The Pro-TDU talking displays play its Message as soon as it is triggered by a switch, sensor or other accessory that is connected to it. The recorded message is then output through a speaker(s) attached directly to the Pro-TDU, or through an existing distributed speaker system. Further triggering after the message is complete will cause the full message to play again, or if additional soundtracks have been recorded onto the removable MMC Flash Memory, then they will each play sequentially, one at a time. Each switch, sensor or accessory trigger will cause one message to play.

Once all messages have been played, the Pro-TDU talking displays unit will start again with the first message.

Talking Displays Accessories

pro-tdu2Audio Switching Unit

Allows TDU operation with an existing Amplified Speaker System. On triggering it will automatically remove or reduce the primary Audio feed and connect the TDU Audio feed. At the end of the message, it will then automatically disconnect the TDU and reconnect the primary Audio feed.

Multiple Input Unit (MIU) Accessory

Allows up to 12 switches, sensors or PIR detectors to be connected to TDU. Each switch, sensor or PIR detector will trigger its own unique message output. While the TDU is playing a message, the MIU will continue to detect further triggering by the attached sensors and can hold in buffer up to 10 separate further triggers. Then when each message is complete, the MIU will instruct the TDU to play the message corresponding to the next triggering action. TDU can only play one message at one time.

Speaker Switching Unit

Allows up to 12 speakers to be connected to the audio output of TDU, when used in conjunction with the Multiple Input Unit. This complete system then provides for 12 independent and separate “zones” each with its own message and local speaker.

All Pro-TDU products are supplied with a Three Year Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.