Voice Promoter Announcement System

pdfEnhance your signs and promotional displays with this interactive solution

Systems can be triggered automatically, by way of movement detecting sensors, or manually, by pressing push buttons or lifting handsets

The Voice Promoter range

  • The Voice Promoter range of economical interactive audio announcement systems are designed to broadcast high-quality, professionally produced audio recordings. The systems are lightweight and functional, and can be easily adapted to both indoor and outdoor applications. They have their recordings stored on non-volatile EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory), and have a capacity of 64 seconds @ high quality (16Khz) on single message systems, and up to 128 seconds @ high quality (16Khz) on multi-message systems. They are ideal for short duration sound tracks in any interactive environment.
  • Due to their reliable EPROM technology, your audio recordings can’t be lost, and sound quality can’t deteriorate, even due to power failure. Voice Promoter systems restart automatically once power is restored.
  • Messages are changed by physical replacement of the pre-programmed EPROM(s), which we distribute via Post. These systems are particularly suited to installations where infrequent message changes are anticipated.


  • Solid-state digital technology
  • Operation by way of AC power or batteries
  • Choice of triggering options
  • Selectable sound quality (sampling rate):
    – voice quality: 8 kilohertz
    – almost CD quality: 16 kilohertz
  • An in-built loudspeaker and volume control
  • An optional 60 second delay between message triggering
  • Selectable movement-detector sensitivity
  • Portable and light weight due to their compact design
  • Easy integration into most displays
  • Comprehensive support by SoundSmart Interactives

All Voice Promoter systems are supplied with an unconditional Two Year Warranty

Voice Promoter 5E4MLP – Single Message System

  • A capacity for recordings up to 64 seconds at 16 kilohertz, or 128 seconds at 8 kilohertz
  • A built-in light-detecting movement sensor and loudspeaker
  • An external motion-sensing or push-button trigger option
  • An external loudspeaker option
  • An optional, electronic, coloured LED lighting system
  • An electric motor option

Voice Promoter 5E8MST – Single-Trigger, Multiple Message System

This multi-message unit is designed for applications where a number of sound tracks are required to be broadcast in a sequential or random fashion by a single trigger point. Its features include:

  • A capacity for multiple announcements that total up to 128 seconds at 16Khz, or 256 seconds at 8Khz.
  • Capacity for up to 24 separate announcements, triggered randomly or sequentially by way of a single sensor or push button trigger
  • A built-in light-detecting movement sensor and loudspeaker
  • An external motion-sensing or push-button trigger option
  • An external loudspeaker option

The following accessories are available for various models:

  • External loudspeaker
  • Remote, passive infrared or light-detecting trigger
  • Remote, push-button or touch-sensitive trigger
  • Optional solar power
  • Electronic lighting systems that have up to 100 coloured LED lights