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SoundSmart Interactives provides ‘low cost’, DIGITAL Audio Solutions for the public broadcast of ‘repetitive’ audio information, for applications such as ‘talking signs’, indoor and outdoor interactive displays, kiosks with tourism information, automated public warning messages and alerts, historic narratives or sound effects in Museums , Point-Of-Sale audio promotions, in-store music and telephone ‘On-Hold’ messaging, as well as many other public and business signage applications, where audio information is broadcast either ‘on-demand’ by push buttons, or automatically by timer/sensor, by passing pedestrian traffic.home-page-squares

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    Established in 1989, SoundSmart Interactives was one of the first to supply ‘tapeless’, DIGITAL, ‘On Hold’ solutions for business clients, both large and small, across Australia. We are also now recognised as specialist suppliers of ‘interactive’ audio products. Our newest ‘wireless’ and network connected devices allow us to remotely maintain audio soundtracks ‘hands free’, wherever the system is located, and our disposable “Chatterbox” device brings innate P-O-S Displays to life. Our products can help create the most innovative and engaging solutions for most interactive and public display applications.In addition to our digital products, SoundSmart also provides a number of fully supported commercial advertising and promotional services, including telephoneMessages On-Hold’ and In-Store Music with advertising services, including the supply of music. Our GPRS ‘Wireless’ applications include our innovative ‘WindowTalk’, ‘PumpTalk’ and ‘BusTalk’ advertising programs.

    SoundSmart also provides a comprehensive Studio Production Service to create any required promotional soundtracks. We have professional voice talent and creative scriptwriters available, and an extensive library of Royalty Free Music.

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