Window Transducers Audio Device

pdfIntroducing our amazing new ‘ClearSound’ Audio Transducer Systems

New ‘ClearSound’ turns your shop windows into high quality loudspeakers.

ClearSound Audio Transducer Systems

ClearSound transducers are the new audio device on the block, well on the windows anyway. This type of passive audio transducer, whilst seeing a new lease of life, was in fact first introduced into the market in 1964.

High Quality Advertising Broadcasts

Convert your windows, walls, ceilings, dining table, bar tops etc. into intimate, non intrusive, high quality sounding boards. These incredible ClearSound transducers transform any amplified audio output signal (No greater than 20 watts RMS recommended) into a manageable discrete sound source.

windowtransducerHow it works

  • Simply attach the device, as instructed, to almost any existing surface ie. Wooden panels, Glass windows, Perspex and Plaster board
  • No unsightly speaker cabinets or ceiling speaker grilles
  • No holes in walls or ceilings
  • Truly invisible ClearSound
  • Sit back and listen to the amazing results

ClearSound Live

windowtransducer2-300x300Clearsound Live MKII is the ‘plug & play’ ClearSound Transducer.

  • An integral 2-channel amplifier delivering 20 watts RMS per channel ensures that the quality sound can be transmitted direct from your ipod, Mp3 player or even a laptop computer, through the window, door or wall etc.
  • A second ClearSound Transducer can be linked to the ClearSound Live, a multiple setting switch allows the option of mono or stereo plus, gain control switches can increase-decrease the output level.
  • A volume control is also a feature of the ClearSound Live MKII.

windowtransducer3-300x300ClearSound 2020mp3

Following on from the successful ClearSound Live MkII is the new ClearSound 20/20. This audio transducer retains all the positives from the CS Live MkII such as the 2-channel amplifier delivering 20 watts per channel and the opportunity to run a second ClearSound transducer directly from the ClearSound Live, however, the CS20/20 does not need to be linked to an iPod, MP3 player or computer, it will run directly from a memory stick.

  • Download your chosen content on to the stick
  • Insert it into the CS20/20 and listen to the result on your window, door or table.
  • An added feature designed with the retail market in mind is the capability to activate the CS20/20 direct from a motion sensor. This means that the message/music will only play once somebody passes the sensor which is an ideal way of attracting attention to your products.